People who thanks to their hard work or happy circumstances were able to make capital and become famous, quite often spend time in the casino. Thanks to them, the gambling industry will never disappear. After all, when famous actors, showmen and politicians play gambling, they do not skimp on bets, and sometimes leave large sums in the casino. There are even professional players among Hollywood stars! Ben Affleck, for example, is a professional poker player. By the way, poker firmly holds the championship in popularity among gambling. Also in the course of Texas hold’em, roulette and black Jack.

Poker is not only gambling, but also an intellectual game, devoid of any monotony. Playing poker not only addicted to Hollywood celebrities and domestic prominent figures in politics and pop. For example, Victoria Bonia, a socialite, a participant of the show “House 2”, even admitted her gaming addiction: she is seriously hooked on poker, and often loses large sums. And here is another fan of gambling, Alla Pugacheva, on the contrary, recently was very lucky: in one of the casinos in Riga, she won ten thousand dollars. Diva not only plays, but also invests: recently, the singer has invested part of its funds in the playing area somewhere in Primorye.

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Hollywood actors and producers also often choose the gaming business as a place of investment. Fast cash-out gambling establishments can not draw! So George Clooney fell for it, investing in the construction of a casino called “Las Ramblas”. And the love of gambling, in particular, Texas poker, Clooney showed even during the filming of the film “12 friends of ocean”. With colleagues in the shop, brad pitt, Matt Damon and Michael Douglas, they have repeatedly tested their luck.

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