Cools Five Rooms With Just One ODU.
Cools Down Your Power Bills Upto 40%.

Blue Star’s Free Match Inverter ACs come with a unique advantage of optimising system capacity by selecting the outdoor unit capacity close to the maximum indoor capacity, that will be used at the same time.

The system also comes with an advanced inverter that changes the speed of the compressor, based on the input from the EXV (Electronic Expansion Value) fitted for each indoor unit which can operate from 0 to 480 steps. The opening of the EXV is dependent on both internal and external loads. This results in delivering the optimum capacity and maintaining the precise set temperture.

With the single outdoor and compressor advantage, the units enhance system efficiency during part-load conditions. This occurs as the compressor runs at a relatively lower RPM in part-load conditions whereas the COPs are higher. System efficiency is further improved when the entire condenser area is available even for smaller capacitie. This will drop the condensing temperature of the refrigerant resulting in higher capacity and lower power consumption.

The unique Free Match System design, Inverter Compressors, Electonic Expansion Values and Controllers make the system extremely efficient and can save even up to 40% on running costs.

Salient features are:

  • Capacity optimisation of ODU

  • Reduced running cost

  • Cooling + heating functions

  • Space-saving ODUs

  • Quick and convenient installation

  • Flexible pipe design

  • Uniform temperature

  • Reduced noise

  • Built-in self-diagnostics

  • Choice of IDUs

  • Operates in extreme ambient temperatures