Display More. Sell More.

Glass-top Chest Freezers offer economical freezing, storage and display solutions, all at the same time. Aesthetically crafted, they turn an ordinary display into a striking one. They are ideal for both small stores as well as modern-day large format departmental stores, and for use in parlours and eateries. The sides can be custom-branded to suit any particular product or company.

With lower power consumption, these freezers present perfect solutions that save money as well. Better insulation technology makes them ideal for sub-continental climates like ours. The easy to slide glass doors also make it easy for customers themselves to use the freezer.

Overall, it is a smart choice for the smart retailer!


  • Robust construction for heavy duty use

  • Easy-slide glass door

  • Corrosion resistant body

  • Tropicalised for high ambient temperatures

  • Locks in all models

  • High density PUF insulation for better holding time

  • Highly energy-efficient compressor

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