Water Cooler With Inbuilt Aquagurd UV Purification Purifies Cool Water Just Before You Drink It.

Now enjoy cold drinking water that is 100% pure too!

With over seven decades of experience, Blue Star – India’s leader in airconditioning and refrigeration solutions – has always been at the forefront of innovation and R&D, bringing you cuttting edge products and solutions that offer you more.

Already leaders in the storage water cooler market, Blue Star now brings you storage water coolers with inbuilt Aquaguard UV purification and filtration processes that not only supply non-stop cold water but also ensure its purity for safe consumption. The technology and design are so well put together that they take care of last-point purification. This prevents contamination even post the filtration stage, and ensures safe drinking water at the faucet.

Impure drinking water is one of the main sources of infection, even mild poisoning, in many cases. Hence, it is important to build in purification processes into the water system. That is why these Water Coolers incorporate everything that is required – reliable cooling systems, UV purification and contaminant filtration – all within the same housing, integrating the systems together for seamless, efficient operation. They are therefore comprehensive and compact solutions for safe,clean and cold drinking water.

The Blue Star range of storage water coolers with inbuilt Aquaguard is also designed for faster cooling and with larger storage tanks, to cater to high-volume requirements in schools, colleges, corporates, factories, hospitals, and public spaces such as railway stations, airports, pilgrim centres and petrol stations.

Proven Filtration Techniques For The Purest Water

  • Aquaguard UV purification

  • Multiple stages of filtration

  • Last-point purification

  • Electronic eye

Proven Cooling Technology From Blue Star

  • Faster cooling

  • Lower power consumption

  • High throughput

  • Longer life

  • Contamination-free storage

  • Space saving

  • Reliability

  • Ease of service

Blue Star Water Coolers With Inbuilt Aquaguard UV Purification

Ultraviolet (UV) rays are proven to be effective in killing harmful bacteria and microbes, and neutralising dangerous chemicals that may be present in drinking water. At the same time, the treated water retains all its minerals and salts.

That is why Blue Star’s Water Coolers with Aquaguard UV filtration use ultraviolet radiation as a pre-treatment to sterilise and disinfect the water before it is available at the tap.

These coolers also come with a further two-step filtering process that removes physical impurities, colour, organic impurities and chlorine from the water before it is dispensed at the faucet.

A unique feature of these coolers is the last-point purification using UV technology that ensures that water dispensed remains pure and uncontaminated even during the post-filtration flow.

Unique 3-Stage Purification Process

  • Unique polypropylene yarn candle to remove physical impurities from input water.

  • Activated carbon cartridge for removing colour, organic impurities and chlorine.

  • UV disinfection chamber to disinfect waterbone disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

Electronic Eye

  • Monitors the purification process and stops the flow of water using a solenoid valve, if purification is inadequate.

  • Designed to take care higher capacity requirement & storage

  • This makes water lighter, taste natural and 100% safe to drink

  • Has unique 3-stage purification which ensures that the user drinks safe and pure water.

  • It is backed by Aquaguard, so its rest assured that the water is 100% safe.

  • The cooling system is very powerful and effectively faster.